We are proud to have passionate and dedicated people in a variety of roles across the business. Find out more from some of our staff about their roles and why they love working for RFT.

Steve Ireland, Field Manager

I worked in plumbing for several years before joining RFT in 2011. Becoming a Field Manager is a role I wanted to undertake as I was passionate about doing something rewarding.

My job involves managing and developing the operatives in my team, looking at quality control of repairs, and using measures to find ways to improve.

The good thing about working for the company is its social inclusiveness, friendly atmosphere and there are always opportunities to learn and develop. I would definitely recommend joining RFT as a great place to work.

Lynda Lockwood, Cleaning Services Operative

I’ve been with RFT since the cleaning service was brought in-house in January 2017.

Along with other members of my team, we are responsible for the communal areas of our properties. I love what I do and a lot of my work in the past has been of a similar nature. The business really cares about you, so if you have any concerns they are addressed quickly which makes you feel valued.

My team are great and my line manager is fantastic. I know it’s a bit of a cliché but we are like one big family! If you’re wearing a pink t-shirt, colleagues will wave at you while you are travelling to different locations.

I wouldn’t change what I do, for me it really is a job for life.  

Stefan Booty, Grounds Maintenance Operative

I joined RFT when the company brought its Grounds Maintenance and Cleaning Service in-house in 2017. I started out in a part time role but enjoyed it so much, and really liked RFT, that I decided to become full time.

My job involves tidying and maintaining outside communal areas owned by Flagship Group such as blocks of flats and sheltered schemes. This involves cutting grass, hedges, litter picking and weed killing.

RFT are a great company to work for as they are trustworthy as you feel they are striving to always do the right thing. They put you forward for training opportunities so you can learn new skills. They also ensure you have the right equipment so you’re able to do your job to the best of your ability.

The people you work with, at all levels, are friendly and approachable so we all work really well together as one big team.

Mac Cubitt, Vehicle Stock Controller

I joined RFT in 2013 after a number of years working in the fields of procurement, purchasing and van stock.

We have almost 200 operatives out on the road with stock in their vans. This needs to be carefully planned and regular stock needs to be identified so it can be replenished at the right time, which is my role. I work closely with our two Distribution Centres and our operatives to ensure they have the right type of stock and the right amount in their vans to be able to do their jobs as effectively and as efficiently as possible.

What is refreshing about RFT is that the customer is most definitely at the centre of everything we do, our customer and their home are what matters to the business.

You receive fantastic support from your colleagues and there are always training opportunities available. There is also an important focus on career progression and providing young people with new skills such as through our Apprenticeship programme which is great. Our culture embraces agile working and it’s forward thinking which makes it an inspiring place to be.

Sharon White, Cleaning Services Operative

I joined RFT in January 2017 when the cleaning service was brought in-house. I’ve worked in similar roles for around 20 years and really enjoy making a difference.

RFT are a great company to work for; the job is challenging but in a good way. I get a real sense of job satisfaction and I receive a lot of support from my colleagues. Everyone helps each other out, no matter what your job title.

There is a good sense of team work and high morale which gives me a real sense of “get up and go” every day.

My role means I meet lots of different people so it’s really interesting and no two days are the same. I also receive lots of positive feedback from customers who appreciate the work I do which makes my job even more rewarding.