08 October 2019

Hickling school children benefit from a shiny new kitchen

RFT carpenter gives up his own time and delivers outstanding customer service to the community

Patrick McGough, an RFT carpenter provided outstanding customer service and went above and beyond for the children of Hickling Infant School, when he realised their need for a new kitchen.

The kitchen, which will help teach the children to cook, has been put together by recycling unused cupboards and materials from previously installed kitchens. “The items I used would normally go to waste and using a small amount of my time I was able to put together a perfectly good kitchen. There was already a sink area and the school have managed to raise money for a new cooker, so it was fairly simple stuff “said Patrick.


Julie Wones, Headteacher at the school comments, “Paddy did a fantastic job, the kitchen is now used three times a week by the children for baking and cooking”.

Callum James, CSR Manager said, “it is wonderful to see our staff going above and beyond their daily duties to help our communities. The fact Patrick was able to install this kitchen from unused materials is great - not only for the children but for the environment too. It is important that we look at what we can reuse, by looking at waste differently, we can do so much more.”

With Patrick’s help the kitchen is now full equipped and ready for the children to cook up some tasty delights.